Tommy Boyd – Repeat Sex Offender

It was the third time Boyd had been convicted of a sex crime.

“25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years”
………Sarah Tofte

The crime deeply shook a family’s life and indicated that twice-convicted sex offender Tommy Boyd had no intentions of changing.

So Greene County Circuit Court Judge Thomas Mountjoy on Wednesday sentenced Boyd to 30 years in prison — the maximum sentence — for his latest offense.

In November, a jury convicted Boyd, 30, of attempted child enticement after he lured a 9-year-old boy into a southwest Springfield woods in May and tried to molest the child.

The boy fled.

It was the third time Boyd had been convicted of a sex crime.

According to court documents, Boyd had earlier been in the juvenile system “for the very same kind of crime, for sodomy of a 12-year-old boy.”

And in 1996 Boyd pleaded guilty to first-degree sodomy after leading an 11-year-old boy into a tunnel at Smith Park and raping him.

Public Defender Peter Bender argued prior to the sentencing that jurors’ knowledge of Boyd’s earlier crimes led to his conviction in November.

In a motion for new trial presented to Mountjoy at the outset of the hearing, Bender argued jurors committed misconduct by learning about Boyd’s prior offenses before reaching their verdict.

Jurors took an oath before the trial that they would not watch or read media reports of the trial or look into the defendant’s past.

But Bender said an investigator with his office contacted five of the 12 jurors after the trial.

“All of the jurors said they were able to figure out Tommy had priors,” Bender said.

As it happened, three jurors showed up for Boyd’s sentencing hearing.

In response to Bender’s allegations, Assistant Greene County Prosecutor Jill Patterson said she’d asked the jurors before the hearing whether they knew of Boyd’s priors before convicting him.

“Independently, all three of them said ‘absolutely not,’ ” Patterson said. “(Bender) has absolutely nothing to back that up.”

Mountjoy declined the motion for new trial.

At the hearing, the father of Boyd’s victim tried to read a statement about how the crime had impacted his family.

When he became too emotional, Patterson read it for him.

“Not only was my son’s life changed forever, but what happened has changed the life of our entire family,” the statement read.

It described, among other things, how the boy’s father had developed “anger issues” and how the victim’s grades had dropped.

Before sentencing Boyd on Wednesday, Mountjoy addressed the convict.

“You tried to put that little boy in a position that you were going to forcefully sodomize him,” he said. “Even though he escaped you, you’ve made him a prisoner in his own mind.

“You’ve made it clear that this is what you do and will continue to do.”

Boyd will most likely serve out all of his 30-yea sentence, though some similar offenders have earned parole after 27 years, Patterson said.

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