Juan Manuel Perez, Jr – Repeat Sex Offender on the run

“25% of all sex offenders re-offend within 15 years”
………Sarah Tofte

The search was on Thursday for a registered sex offender, who police believe is responsible for two recent attempted abductions.

According to a police alert, investigators believe Juan Manuel Perez, Jr. is a threat to area children. That accusation is based on two incidents — one near the Del Valle Elementary and Middle schools, the other in the Wolf Lane community of Stoney Point.

“The fact that we have two incidents so close together would have anyone to believe he has reached an area in his life that he wants to re-offend, and he has become more dangerous for those reasons,” said Bastrop Co. Sheriff Rosanna Abreo.

Perez, who goes by the nickname of “Junior,” is a registered sex offender and is currently out on probation. His criminal record includes an exposure case in 2004 and a case of Indecency with a child in 2006. Now, based on what three 14-year-old girls say, investigators believe he is at it again.

The most recent incident reportedly happened near Del Valle Middle school. Two girls who were walking to school Tuesday morning say a man tried to grab them. It was similar to another incident, a few miles away, that happened in the Stoney Point community. A teenager says while jogging February 28, a man, fitting Perez’s description, exposed himself to her and also tried to force her into his car.

“She was able to pull away, she yelled at him, yelled for assistance and for him to leave her alone,” said Sheriff Abreo.

All three girls escaped unharmed. The current investigation, Sheriff Abreo says, is an opportunity to restate stranger danger rules.

“Somebody wants you to do something you don’t want to do, you address it immediately, and you tell your parents immediately. You scream, kick, and spit. Anything you can do to get away,” said Abreo.

Perez is linked to the two cases because of his car. One of the teenagers wrote down the tag number of the car they say was involved in the Del Valle incident. The plates were traced to Perez, but when investigators when to pick him up, they say he ran away. It is believed Perez is still in the area, and may be hiding out with friends. Anyone who has information about Junior Perez, is asked to contact their local law enforcement agency.

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