Tarek Baroody – Sex Offender – Absconder

JACKSONVILLE, FL — With a click of a few keys, Claudio Digregorio says his heart just dropped.

“At first, it was hard for my wife and I to just sit there and look at his face,” says Digregorio.

It was the face of a sex offender by the name of Tarek Baroody.

Convicted of lewd and lascivious acts with a child under 15-years-old in 2004, Baroody was released from prison three months ago.

According to the Department of Correction’s web site, Baroody listed a Mandarin home as the place where he was going to live after being released from prison.

It is the same address where Digregorio, his wife, and his son call home. The only problem is Baroody has never lived at the home.

“It made me very, very angry,” says Digregorio. Their address is attached to a sex offender. They are also receiving Baroody’s mail, noting he is a sex offender and he needs to confirm his address.

The Digregorios have called FDLE demanding answers.

“My concern is I feel they are just letting people out and not really checking to see where they are going,” says Digregorio.

Since he alerted police to the mixup, his address has been taken off the sex offender web site.

The web site says that Baroody has absconded or isn’t living where he says he was.

Digregorio says he just wants his name cleared and Baroody found. “I feel like I have to go through all kinds of ridiculous things to get my name cleared because this gentleman gave my address out.”

Digregorio says he does know the sex offender. Years ago, Baroody worked for him, but he has not seen or heard from Baroody since he left prison.

First Coast News has contacted the FDLE to find out how this could have happened. We are still waiting for those answers.

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