Timmy Keil – Camp Counselor – Sexual Predator

In August a former Perry County camp counselor was sentenced to eight years in prison and classified as a sexual predator.

He refused a plea deal in the case. Eight boys confirmed each others story while Timmy maintained his innocence.

No Remorse!

Timmy, the father of six children, has a history….

Drake indicated Keil was convicted of similar crimes in 1990, but may have made it past background checks to work at local camps because the prior offense took place in Pennsylvania.

“There could possibly be more victims. He’s went from church camp to church camp for 14 years,” Lt. Drake said.

Officials from the Scioto Youth Camp said they did not check Keil’s background because a minister at the Fairfield Christian Church recommended him. Keil belongs to the youth ministry there, and teaches at Ohio Christian University in Circleville.

In January 2002, Keil called police and told them that he “could not promise to keep himself safe” and threatened to “chop his head off with a hatchet or overdose.”

In May 2003, police received another call from Keil, saying “he was suicidal and homicidal and wants to blow up an elementary school so others can suffer like he is.” Police never determined if the threat was real, Landers reported.

In October 2004, Keil again called police, threatening “to harm himself and family.”
Police later found Keil picketing outside the Diagnostic Health Center. Officers called Children Services and requested his “children are not to be left alone.” Doctors placed Keil on psychiatric medication.

In June 2003, Keil called police to report the “theft of a hanging basket” and threatened “to take pruning shears to the suspects’ fingers” if he caught them before police. Since then, Keil’s calls to police had more to do about his neighbors or his missing dog than himself, Landers reported.

In June, Keil accused a neighbor of taking “photos of him and his children and posting them online.” “The neighbor denied any involvement,” according to the police report. In 1990, Keil was convicted in Pennsylvania for indecent assault and corruption of a minor.


Keil refused to admit any wrongdoing at the Scioto Camp and told Judge Linton Lewis he did not touch any of the boys in any inappropriate way.

“I do know I am here by my own actions and choices of the things I have done,” Keil said. “I have brought shame and pain to my church, my family and my children. I accept responsibility for those actions. I have lost everything. My wife has filed for divorce. She will not allow my children to see me. I have lost my job and reputation. Your sentence will be mercy to me.”

Lewis classified Keil as a sexual predator, which means that for the rest of his life he will have to report to law enforcement his employment, any school he may be attending and his living arrangements.

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