Father rapes his 3 year old daughter now trembles in fear of prison

A man who sexually abused his toddler daughter was jailed for four years today.

The man will get 28 months credit because of time he has already served meaning he will serve another 20 months. The judge also gave him 3 years probation.

Judge John McGarry told him, “This is a gross case of breach of trust. The victim will have a cloud over her head for the rest of her life.”

The judge said the images will always be out there.

The Crown had said it was the first time in Canadian legal history a father has been accused of child sexual abuse in real time, with possibly a worldwide audience watching it.

The accused (whose name is not used to protect the identity of his daughter) was nabbed as a result of Project Wickerman, an international sting operation that netted 22 abusers and freed 30 children. Despite the string of arrests, the gravity of the crime is incomparable, the judge noted.

“This is the first time, to my knowledge, this has been adjudicated,” assistant Crown attorney, Elizabeth Maguire told the court. “It ought to be the last time.”

The defendant — a 39-year-old who has already spent a year in custody — has already pleaded guilty to two counts of sexual assault on his daughter, aged three and four when the offences took place, three counts of making child pornography and one charge of possessing and distribution.

His counsel said that “despite protective custody, my client has been attacked twice in the past year and fears going out of his cell,” adding that he has already lost 130 pounds.

“fears going out of his cell?”

No one cares

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