WANTED: Steven Andrew Hayes

In 1997, Steven Andrew Hayes was sentenced to five years confinement at a correctional facility on a charge of sodomy against an 8-year-old relative. But now, cops in Lewisville, Texas, wish he would’ve stayed locked up longer.

Sometime between Jan. 13 and Jan. 15, 2005, cops say Hayes couldn’t control his sick instincts and gave a 12-year-old girl a powerful drug, and cops say he sexually assaulted her. But the courageous little victim came forward at the end of the month and told cops what she remembered; in September 2005, a Grand Jury in Denton County, Texas indicted Hayes for Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child. But after Hayes found out about it, he fled.

Cops in Texas have exhausted every lead to find Hayes and fear that another kid may get hurt. That’s why they want to make the public aware of a few things to be on the look out, in case they come close to Hayes.

Police say Hayes is a very religious person, who boasts about his religious upbringing and education and likes to speak of the Lord. He is also very friendly and likable, which cops believe helps him gain his victims’ trust.

Cops are not sure where Hays may be hiding, but say he may have connections in Arizona, Kansas, Missouri, Pennsylvania or Texas. They also believe Hayes may be seeking medical treatment, since he has an old back injury and complains of carpal tunnel in both wrists.

Hayes’ last job was as an independent constructor. Cops say he would travel to disaster areas across the United States and approach property owners. Once he established a relationship with potential clients, he would assess the damages to their properties, give them estimates and get their personal information — information he would later release to other construction businesses. If these businesses were awarded the bid, Hayes would receive money from them.

So if Hayes runs out of money, he may seek jobs in the construction industry, especially roofing. And because of his friendly personality, he may also be working in sales.

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