Dear Abby : Tell kids truth about predator

“warn them to keep their distance and not trust him”

DEAR ABBY: I am a happily married mother of two — a girl, 9, and a boy, 7. My problem is that my older sister is married to a pedophile. “Frank” went to jail after pleading guilty to sexual interference with a young girl. (It was not his first offense.)

My sister and Frank have no children and live a five-hour drive away. They plan to visit us at Christmas, but not stay at our house.

My husband and I are worried about how to handle this situation. How do we make sure they will be safe? It’s a given that everyone will be on “red alert” all the time he is around.

This is difficult for me because I was sexually abused as a child. I know how quickly and easily predators can do things to children. With professional help I have dealt with my past so I could be a healthy parent. How can I get through Christmas with my sanity and my children unharmed? — Wishes Sissy Was Single, Ontario, Canada

DEAR WISHES: I assume that they will be visiting more relatives than you and your husband because I cannot believe you would have invited them.

Because of your personal history, your alarm is understandable. And considering Frank’s history, I am sure the adults in the family will watch him like hawks.

However, your children should not only be reminded about inappropriate touching, you should also make clear to them that your sister’s husband did some things he should not have to other children, and

warn them to keep their distance and not trust him.

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