Bulgaria Nationalist Party Councilor Runner Accused of Pedophilia

The 43-year-old man, detained Tuesday in Bulgaria’s town of Stara Zagora over accusations of fornicating with under-aged boys, was a runner from the municipal councilors ticket of the nationalist party Ataka at the recent local elections.

Prosecutors have already filed charges against the detainee, who is also a member of the local party’s organization. Meanwhile, he has been seized for 72 hours in a local police station.

The regional coordinator of the nationalist formation Mihail Mihaylov said the case is being politicized.

“It could turn out to be just a provocation as the confidence of the local people in our party is steadily increasing,” he added.

The police were signaled over the crime committed by a woman, who said her son and three other boys, aged between 13 and 15 were regularly taken to the suspect’s home, where they were sexually abused.

The paedophile showed porno movies to the children and allowed them to smoke marihuana.

The investigation on the case continues.

That is the second case when an Ataka member is being charged with sexual abuse of children after the lawmaker Vladimir Kuzov was sentenced to three years in jail for having sexual contacts with an underage boy.

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