Freed sex offender won’t live in Kingston

While in prison in Kingston,
he was caught creating and distributing child pornography

A sexual predator who fantasizes about torturing and murdering children will be released from prison today but will not return to Kingston, where his placement in October sparked public outrage, the Whig-Standard has learned.

Christopher Goodwin, 26, has been behind bars since he was removed from the Portsmouth Centre in Kingston Oct. 31.

Goodwin, who is considered a high risk to reoffend, will have completed all of his sentence when he’s freed today.

“I can’t disclose where he is going,” said Jeanine Chown, a spokeswoman in Kingston for Correctional Service of Canada.

The Whig-Standard learned that Goodwin will not return to Kingston. He must be placed in a community residential facility, either a federally-operated halfway house or a privately-run centre.

Residency for the next 180 days in a community-based facility is a requirement of a 10-year long-term supervision order that was imposed on Goodwin because he is considered so dangerous.

Correctional Service of Canada was responsible for finding a facility that would accept Goodwin.

Chown said she can’t say whether it is one of the federally operated facilities, of which there are three in Ontario, or a privately-run centre.

“You have the information we can disclose,” she said.

In addition to Kingston, there are federal facilities in Hamilton and Toronto.

Goodwin was released to Kingston’s Portsmouth Centre in October, after he had completed most of his current prison sentence for an attack on a six-year-old girl and for distributing child pornography.

Police issued a community alert, warning that they fear he will attack children again. Goodwin is barred from being in places where children congregate.

The police warning sparked outrage among families of young children in the neighbourhood around the Portsmouth Centre. Residents are battling the federal prison service to move the centre from the residential area that adjoins a school and park.

Police removed Goodwin from the centre on Halloween, on instruction from Correctional Service of Canada, which suspended his early release, citing alleged breaches of the conditions imposed on Goodwin.

Correctional Service of Canada and the National Parole Board won’t provide any information about Goodwin’s breaches.

Because his early release was suspended, he was entitled to a hearing before the parole board, but the board said it didn’t have enough time before his sentence expired.

“We can’t, administratively, schedule, conduct a hearing,” Carol Sparling, a spokeswoman for the board, said yesterday.

Without a decision by the board at a hearing, there is no publicly accessible record of the actions taken against Goodwin.

Goodwin was sentenced to two and a half years in prison in 2004 for a brazen sex attack on a young girl in a shopping mall. He also confessed to getting away with sex attacks on at least five other young children.

While in prison in Kingston, he was caught creating and distributing child pornography and earned another 150 days behind bars.

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