Stone County Man Found Guilty of Molesting Child

A Stone County jury convicted a Reeds Spring man of statutory sodomy Wednesday.

Joshua Bunch, 24, was found guilty of having deviate sexual intercourse with a five-year-old girl in March and April of 2004 in Mount Vernon. The case was moved to Stone County on a change of venue.

In a press release, Lawrence County prosecutor Robert E. George said, “This defendant is a classic pedophile, who gained access to his victim by befriending the child’s mother. Bunch met the mother on the Internet, and soon moved in the household.” George said. “Once in the house, the victim did not have a chance to avoid the sex acts. She was a compelling witness who was able to discuss the terrible things she endured at this man’s will.”

Prosecutors said Bunch began molesting the child while her mother was at work. The victim testified Bunch watched pornographic moves before and during some of the acts. The child reported that there were at least twelve different times she was abused, however, due to her age she was unable to be specific as to when exactly each act occurred.

Bunch will be sentenced February 13.

Prosecutors say authorities arrested Bunch in a San Padre, Texas, motel room with pornographic items and chatting online with three teenagers.

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