Child molester headed to county jail

A Sharon man will serve less than 2 years in the county jail for what the judge said was the rape of a 4-year-old girl last year in his home.

Garon P. Hull, 35, of 361 Andrew St., pleaded guilty to corruption of minors for the sexual assault on Oct. 9 and had charges of raping a child and involuntary deviate sexual intercourse withdrawn.

Hull sexually assaulted the girl in his home in May or June, 2006. Common Pleas President Judge Frances J. Fornelli said Hull deserved the maximum 2 1/2 to 5 year sentence for the facts of the case. The sticking point was the danger state prison would hold for Hull, Fornelli said.

Because of Hull’s limited intelligence, Fornelli said, “and the fact that you’ll have a limited ability to protect yourself from the other inmates,” he gave him the county sentence where Fornelli said he could protect Hull.

“The fact of the matter is child molesters are the lowest
form of life in the penitentiary, as far as other inmates are concerned,” he said.

Fornelli said that some people might consider it just for a man who raped a child to in turn be raped.

“(It was an) awful thing you did. Awful. And if my job were vengeance your sentence would be very easy. But hopefully the court system is about more than that,” he said.

“The child is sleepless,” Fornelli said, describing the damage Hull did. “The child is scared, the child has nightmares and the mother has the same problems.”

Hull will also serve 5 years’ probation and Fornelli promised him the maximum sentence if he ever crosses the line again.

Two women also testified for Hull’s character, including his mother, Virginia, and his wife, Marcy. Hull’s mother said he was never any trouble and helped elderly people in the community with grocery shopping, shoveling driveways and mowing lawns. She said he helps out at St. John’s Episcopal Church, Sharon. “He would do anything for anyone,” said Hull’s wife.

In a twist, Hull’s mother and wife said that Hull had helped a family member who had been sexually abused by another man, including taking her to the hospital to be examined.
“He’s real good with his kids,” said his wife. Hull will be banned forever from private contact with any children except his two daughters and stepdaughter.

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