Two Face Child Pornography Charges

Two men from Lycoming County are charged with downloading thousands of images of child pornography.

Williamsport police said the investigation started when a man brought a disc full of child porn to authorities earlier this month.

Billy Winters, 36, of Williamsport and Daniel Ade, 39, of Old Lycoming Township are charged with multiple felony counts of the sexual abuse of children.

Police said the two friends had computer discs and hard drives full of child pornography at Ade’s home.

After the hearing Wednesday morning Winters admitted he had a part in downloading sexually explicit pictures of children.

“Unfortunately yes, not by choice exactly, but unfortunately yes,” Winters said.

Williamsport police said the two men were downloading massive amounts of child pornography. Some of the images date back to 2004.

“I don’t know how long it’s been going down, it was bulk pools. We never really viewed them. It was bulk pulls. We click at the top and pull down,” Winters said, admitting he was aware some of the images were pornographic. “Some yes. I didn’t know how many.”

At city hall in Williamsport Agent Ron Bachman went through another CD seized from Winters and Ade.

City police said all of the discs and computer hard drives were found in Ade’s house. Many of them contained nude pictures of children in sexual positions.

Captain William Weber said some of the children depicted are less then one year old. “I guess what bothers me most is the people who make this stuff on the internet. But the other tragedy is the number of people who look at it. If there wasn’t a market for people to look at this stuff it wouldn’t be there,” Weber said.

The captain added both men admitted to downloading pictures and movies of child pornography.

Williamsport police don’t believe any of the children depicted live in our area.

Investigators said they are looking at another person in connection with the case and may soon file charges.

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