Pedophile sent pics of grandchildren to police

A GRANDFATHER who sexually molested his two young granddaughters and placed naked photographs of them on the internet has been jailed for six-and-a-half years.

The Brisbane District Court was told the man – who used the cyber nickname “Goodytwoshoes” — was only caught after he supplied the photos online to a covert police officer posing as a mother-of-three.

Prosecutor Bronwyn Currie said the 68-year-old man repeatedly molested his son’s daughters now aged 3 and 4, over a three-year period and took almost 600 sexually provocative photos of them.

She said among the photos was one of him touching his toddler daughter’s genital’s with his penis.

The court was told police also found more than 400 other images of pornographic images of children on the man’s computer after his arrest last November – including a video of a toddler being raped by an unknown male.

The man, from Daisy Hills, 20kms southwest of Brisbane, pleaded guilty to five counts of indecent treatment of a lineal descendant, two of distributing child exploitation and one each of possessing and making child exploitation and rape.

Ms Currie said the man molested the girls while babysitting them so their mother could return to the workforce.

She said he later told Queensland Police Service Task Force Argos officers he took his camera while babysitting to make his own child pornography to share with other pedophiles he chatted to online.

Mr Currie said the man’s years of sharing naked images of his granddaughters was only uncovered when he engaged in chats with a covert operative – who went by the name of “Karen Smith” – who claimed to have personal interest in pedophilia and incest.

She said during three online chat sessions, the man supplied her of a photos of him with his naked granddaugthers and numerous other images of child pornograhy.

Lawyers for the man argued he had been the subject of a hate campaign after neighbours were told of the charges.

The court was told a letter was also circulated in the man’s neighbourhood detailing the serious nature of the offences.

Judge Michael Forde was told the letter, in part, read: “Dear neighbour, I regret to inform you there is a dangerous pedophile living at (the man’s address).”

It was also revealed paint had been thrown on his home driveway on at least three occasions and that local children often yelled out to him that he was a pedophile.

Judge Forde said grandfather who raped and molested granddaughters could only be described as “dispicable.”

He ordered he be released on parole on January 6, 2010.

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