Private eye claims pedophile about to strike again

A PRIVATE investigator has accused the Queensland Government of ignoring evidence which he says shows a notorious pedophile breaching his release conditions.

Steve Burrows, from Ethical Standards Investigations Australia, today said he would lodge a complaint with the Crime and Misconduct Commission (CMC) after he provided police with information about Mark Foy, but was criticised by Queensland Police Minister Judy Spence.

Foy, who has a history of molesting children in public places, was released into the community in late 2004 after spending more than four years in jail for offences against nine children aged between six and 12.

Mr Burrows said he had photographed and filmed Foy acting “suspiciously”, including engaging with women who had young children, in Goodna and Inala in Brisbane’s west over the past two months.

“We’ve seen him in areas acting suspiciously – areas such as private residential estates where he’s been trolling the streets at approximately 11km/h, just on walking pace,” Mr Burrows said.

“We’ve also observed him in bushland looking into the back of private dwellings.

“All of these things make us very suspicious and very concerned of his behaviour.”

Mr Burrows said he began following Foy after noticing him engaging people in conversation around his office in Wacol.

He said photographs which showed Foy in a shopping centre an hour after his curfew, a “clear breach” of his supervision orders, had been given to police.

However, Ms Spence last Thursday told state parliament Foy was interviewed by Queensland Corrective Services (QCS) and provided legitimate reasons for his being at the Inala Civic Centre on those two occasions, including the fact he had visited Centrelink and provided employment documentation to QCS.

She attacked Mr Burrows and a colleague as being “so-called” private investigators and said one was a sacked former member of the Queensland Public Sector Union and the other a former member of the Department of Corrective Services, “who took an early retirement package when he failed a competency assessment with the dog squad”.

Ms Spence also issued a press release yesterday re-assuring the public there was no evidence that Foy had breached his supervision order, and stood by that release today.

Mr Burrows said he was “appalled” at Ms Spence’s response.

“We are intending to make a formal complaint to the CMC in regards to this matter,” he said.

“Honestly, it is my belief that he (Foy) is preparing to re-offend and I’m sickened by the fact that we have to go to such extremes to try and stop this.

“We are not satisfied with a supervision order that freely enables him to troll residential streets, hide in bushland and look into people’s houses is anywhere near strong enough.”

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