1.4 million photos

Polish police, with assistance from Interpol, have arrested 55 people on pedophilia-related charges during the search of 543 apartments across Poland.

Zbigniew Urbanski of the Polish police headquarters said people distributing child pornography on the Internet may face up to 8 years in jail, while those possessing incriminating pictures may be jailed up to 5 years, Polish Radio reported Friday.

Urbanski said police in Austria and the Netherlands had supplied Internet addresses of computers from which thousands of CD and DVD contents were disseminated or downloaded. More than 300 arrests involving child pornography were made in France during four days of raids that began Monday, the BBC reported. More than 1.4 million photos and 20,000 videos were seized.

Police were continuing activities in search for more members of the pedophilia ring as more links could be uncovered on the 435 seized personal computers in Poland.

One of the arrested people had more than 150,000 pornographic pictures of children, Urbanski said.

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2 million photos

Nearly half of 310 people recently detained in France on suspicion of spreading child pornography over the Internet have admitted to downloading images of naked children, police officials said Friday.

The arrests were part of a vast crackdown on pedophilia in France that began on Monday. More than 2 million photos and 28,000 videos were discovered on computers seized in the sweep, officials said on condition of anonymity because the investigation was ongoing.

Those arrested were all men between 19 and 70 years old and included executives, teachers and military men. Officials said 163 of those detained had acknowledged having downloaded photos and videos of child porn.

Two men face preliminary charges of “sexually abusing children,” and a third — a repeat offender — was sentenced Wednesday to 12 months in prison. Fifteen formal investigations have been opened for “holding and spreading images of minors of a pornographic nature,” officials said.

Officers from several French police units had been preparing the sweep since January, following a tip-off from an Italian child protection organization.

More arrests could be forthcoming as police in other countries crackdown on others who downloaded the same images, the officials said.

A Polish police spokesman said Friday that 55 Polish nationals were arrested on suspicion of spreading child pornography over the Internet.

It was not immediately clear if the Polish crackdown was related to the French sweep.

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